DPCC Register of Merit Recipients


Am Ch/Can Grand Ch/UKC Ch Dreamseekers Wizard CGN, CGC, TT, CD, ROMC, SOM, owner: Maura C. Reilly
Ch Prinz Auguste Vom Dobereich CGN, CD, RN, TT ROMC, owner: Stephan Leblanc, Monica Peterson
Am/Can GCh Mojave's Creeping Devil RN, CDX, WAC, ROMC, owner: Alison Merrick


Ch Riesig Von Duchessgibb Vixson CD TT CG ROMC, owner: Margaret Campbell
Ch Gatehouse Igotsumxplainintodo TT TD GCN ROMC, owner: Barry L. Robinson
Ch Gorrmae's Simply Complicated CD CGN TT ROMC, owner: Mary and Jay Korevaar
Ch Ravalleses Poetry In Motion RA TT ROMC, owner: Angela Ravallese
Ch Doolittle Opus Meum TT BH ROMC, owner: Angela Ravallese
Ch Ryansluxus Phoenix V StBrandt CD TT ROMC, owner: Angela Ravallese
HIT Ch Liberator's Mirage TT CGN RN CD ROMC, owner: Carla Kowalchuk
Ch Sasanoa Early Edition CD BH WAC, owner: Carol Crosby
HIT Ch Kandak's Corazon de Canela RA, TT, owner: Linda D. Hill


Ch. Glengate's Calm Like A Bomb, Am. Can. CD, RN, ROMC, CGN, BFL-1 owner: Jay and Mary Korevaar
Ch. Fabert's From Russia With Love, CD, ROMC, owner: Susan Zakrzewski
Ch. Royolyn Best Kept Secret, RA, ROMC, owner: Rachel and Rick Jesse and Carolyn Irvine
CH. Mi-Cher's Trace of an Angel, CD, ROMC, owner: Cheryl A. Hassett
Ch. Holmrun's Bo Coup, RA. ROMC, owner: Katherine Stead
Ch. Edelmar's That's My Girl, CD, RN, ROMC, owner: Elizabeth McGinley


Ch. Judgar's Just Me, CD, ROMC, owned by Gary and Judy Kauffeldt
Ch. Kandak's Oxford Lexington, RA, CD, TT, ROMC, CGN, LC-11L, BFL-1, owned by Linda D. Hill
Ch. Tempo's Tuxwdo Junction, CD, ROMC, owned by Diane Wydick
Ch. Gentry's Beck N' Call, owned by Caitlin Rathburn
Ch. Mi-Cher's Renegade Angel, CD, ROMC, owned by Cheryl Hassett
Ch. Seven's Strekoza Pennylane, RA, ROMC, owned by Leah Hamaluk and Marlene Biglow
Ch. Audacious Kahlua Ravalleses, CD, ROMC, owned by Angela Ravallese
Ch. Jurassik's Red Rock Paradise, RA, ROMC, owned by Alison Merrick and Kim Boucher

Previous ROMC Recipiants

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